Registration Fee:

$30 for first student, $20 for second student, maximum $50 per family
This fee is paid once per academic year and is nonrefundable.


Private & Group Lessons

Option of 34 weekly lessons (full year) or sign up any time during the year (tuition will be prorated at the time of registration).
Promo Package (only available during school year) —3 x 30-min lessons—$115—must be consecutive weeks
30 minute Private Lessons—34 weeks—$1,190
45 minute Private Lessons—34 weeks—$1,530
45 minute Group Lessons (2-4 students)—34 weeks—$765 (per student)
60 minute Private Lessons—34 weeks—$2,108
BCC Programs, 45 minute lessons—13 weeks—$555


Flute with Sharon Powers—six weeks, 2 hour sessions: $180
String Groups—10 weeks/90-min sessions—$180
(& other groups)—15 weeks/60-min—$180
Youth Chamber Ensemble—60-min sessions/10 weeks—$100(non-BMS)  $60(BMS)

Classes / Clubs / Workshops

Winter Rock – 8 weeks, 90-min sessions – $280

Rock After Dark – 6 weeks, 120-min sessions – $280

Music for Youngsters—14 weeks—$120

Introduction to Suzuki/14 weeks – $155

Cabaret Workshop—90-min sessions/10 weeks—$325

On Stage Live —90-min/10 weeks—$325

Guitar & Ukulele Clubs
   Young beginners (age 6–12)—45-min sessions/10 weeks—$TBD
   Teen beginners (age 13–18)—45-min sessions/10 weeks—$TBD
   Adult beginners (18+)—60-min sessions/10 weeks—$TBD


DISCOUNT INFORMATIONOnly one type of discount per family may be applied

Multiple Lesson Discount: If a family has more than 1 child enrolled in private lessons for a full year (34 lessons), you may deduct $25 from the tuition total for each additional student.
Adult Discount: For student ages 55 or older, you may apply a 10% discount on private lessons when registering for a full year (34 lessons) when paying by check or cash. (5% when paying by credit card.)
Ensemble/Class Discount: You may apply a 10% discount on ensembles or classes when registering for a full year (34 weeks) of private lessons when paying by check or cash.  (5% when paying by credit card.)
Friends: You will receive a 5% tuition discount for one student when you bring a friend who registers and completes 20 or more lessons.  See ourBMS business manager for more information.