Registration Fee:

$30 for first student, $20 for second student, maximum $50 per family
This fee is paid once per academic year and is nonrefundable.


Private & Group Lessons

Option of 34 weekly lessons (full year) or sign up any time during the year (tuition will be prorated at the time of registration).
Promo Package—3 x 30-min lessons—$115—must be consecutive weeks
30 minute Private Lessons—34 weeks—$1,190
45 minute Private Lessons—34 weeks—$1,530
45 minute Group Lessons (2-4 students)—34 weeks—$765 (per student)
60 minute Private Lessons—34 weeks—$1,972
BCC Programs, 45 minute lessons—13 weeks—$555


Flute with Sharon Powers—10 weeks, 90 minute sessions: $180
String Groups—10 weeks/90-min sessions—$180
(& other groups)—15 weeks/60-min—$180
Youth Chamber Ensemble—60-min sessions/10 weeks—$100(non-BMS)  $60(BMS)
Adult Chamber Orchestra—90-min sessions, 4:30 to 6 pm. Four consecutive Fridays, starting Sept. 28: $20 per day.
Jazz Ensemble—75-min sessions/10 weeks—$200

Classes / Clubs / Workshops

Music for Youngsters—14 weeks—$120

Introduction to Suzuki/14 weeks – $155
Adult Cabaret—90-min sessions/10 weeks—$325
Teen’s Voices—90-min/10 weeks—$325
Guitar & Ukulele Clubs
   Young beginners (age 6–12)—45-min sessions/10 weeks—$TBD
   Teen beginners (age 13–18)—45-min sessions/10 weeks—$TBD
   Adult beginners (18+)—60-min sessions/10 weeks—$TBD


DISCOUNT INFORMATIONOnly one type of discount per family may be applied

Multiple Lesson Discount: If a family has more than 1 child enrolled in private lessons for a full year (34 lessons), you may deduct $25 from the tuition total for each additional student.
Adult Discount: For student ages 55 or older, you may apply a 10% discount on private lessons when registering for a full year (34 lessons) when paying by check or cash. (5% when paying by credit card.)
Ensemble/Class Discount: You may apply a 10% discount on ensembles or classes when registering for a full year (34 weeks) of private lessons when paying by check or cash.  (5% when paying by credit card.)
Friends: You will receive a 5% tuition discount for one student when you bring a friend who registers and completes 20 or more lessons.  See ourBMS business manager for more information.