Suzuki trained instructors

Bing Liu, Amy Renak, Tari Wheeler Roosa, Alice Spatz, Bonnie McCubbin and Ouisa Fohrhaltz

Suzuki is the world-renowned method for learning an instrument at a very early age and consists of a combination of private and group lessons. Smaller sized violins, cellos, double basses, flutes, and guitars are available for rent. For piano you must have a keyboard at home. Enrollment in the Introduction to Suzuki course is encouraged.

Introduction to Suzuki

with Tari Wheeler Roosa
Designed for those considering a Suzuki instrumental program, ages 4–7. 1st term focuses on rhythm; 2nd term introduces melody; parent attends all classes.
14 weeks, Saturdays, 9:00–9:45 am
starts in Spring $155

Magic Violin

with Bing Liu
This course covers basic violin positioning, introduction to parts and language of violin and exposure to beginning violin music. The pace is slower and spread out in two sections throughout the year. Meets in a group setting. For children ages 2.5–4 years. Perform in a Spring Concert (TBD).
10 weeks, Saturdays, 10:00–10:30 am starts in Spring for new students or continuing students in Magic Violin.
$100 per student (includes a Cherub box violin and bow)


Pizzicato—Advanced Magic Violin 

with Bing Liu
For graduating Magic Violin students or continuing students in Pizzicato. This course covers violin positioning with a real violin, care for the instrument and further ear training in preparation for transition to Suzuki Violin Lessons. Includes rental of an appropriately sized violin from BMS. Will perform in  a Spring Concert (TBD)
10 weeks, Saturdays, 10:45–11:15 am starts in Spring
$170 per student


Adult Strings Groups, led by Bing Liu

Adult Strings Groups, led by Bing Liu

Adult String Groups:

with Bing Liu
Allegro (teens)
Champagne (adults)
Viola Quartet (14+ years)


Suzuki Violin Package:

Requires commitment from parents and students for greatest success. Students can start at any age. Level determines whether student attends 30-, 45-, or 60-minute private lessons per week PLUS twenty group lessons. Commitment is for the entire school year. Students will play Winter and Spring Recitals.