Lesson Days:

If registering for a full year, there are 34 scheduled lesson days for each day of the week. Registration can begin or end at any point during the year. Generally, private lessons conclude in the last week in May or the first week in June. For excused or teacher absences, the School will remain open through June 30 to allow for makeup lessons or classes to be given.

Withdrawals / Refunds:

Classes, shared lessons, & ensembles

Intent to withdraw must be made in writing to the Executive Director. A full refund will be offered if withdrawal is submitted in writing one week prior to the first class/ensemble. After that time, no refunds will be available.

Private lessons

Intent to withdraw from private lessons must be made in writing to the Executive Director.  If the student withdraws from lessons at least a week prior to the start of lessons, a full refund (less the registration fee) will be issued. Once lessons have begun, and upon receipt of written notification, a 75% refund will be issued on remaining unused lessons unless 15 or fewer lessons are remaining then NO REFUND will be issued. Refunds are calculated using the tuition amount for the total number of registered lessons whether or not the account is paid in full. One makeup lesson for snowdays may be given only if time allows.

Late Arrivals:

Students arriving more than 10 minute late for a private lesson will be considered absent without notification and not entitled to a makeup lesson.


BMS reserves the right to discontinue any student whose behavior, work, or attendance is unsatisfactory, or whose payment is in arrears.

Makeup Lessons / Refunds:

Private lessons

Provided the BMS office is notified prior to the lesson time, students who are registered for and complete twenty or more lessons are allowed one makeup lesson. No makeups can be offered to students who register for and complete fewer than twenty lessons. Any lessons or classes missed by a teacher will either be made up or refunded at the end of the contract period. In making up private lessons, teachers may extend the length of preceding or succeeding lessons, or schedule a second lesson during a given week, or use the designated makeup days (see Lesson Days). Makeups may not be carried over to the summer session. If a student misses an appointed makeup time, it will not be rescheduled. One makeup lesson for snow days may be given only if time allows.

Shared lessons or classes

BMS cannot make up classes, ensembles, or shared lessons missed by the student.  Any missed by the teacher will be made up during designated makeup days after the end of the class term.

image of BMS covered in snow

Announcement of Closings are recorded on the BMS answering system (413) 442-1411

Inclement Weather Closings:

We reluctantly cancel classes and programs due to inclement weather. Because road conditions may change during the day, do not make the assumption that BMS will be closed based on the morning closing of area public schools. By the same token, if road conditions worsen during the day, please check with BMS before heading out.  Announcement of closings are recorded on the BMS telephone answering system (413) 442-1411. One makeup lesson for snow days may be given only if time allows.
Please note: there are no refunds for cancelled lessons due to inclement weather.