Classes & Workshops

2016Voices from the Teens: Finding Your Voice with Sherri James Buxton; photo: KORENMAN.COM

On Stage Live
with Sherri James Buxton
“Finding Your Voice”
For teens & pre-teens; this class is perfect
preparation for auditions, theatrical
performances, and competitions. Learn
what repertoire works, stage presence,
how to use a microphone and work with an
accompanist. Public performances follow
at end of each term. Limit 6
10 weeks, Mondays, 4:30–6:00 pm,
starts Sep 23 & Feb 24, $325

image of Cabaret Class

Summer 2014 Cabaret Class

 Cabaret Workshop
with Sherri James Buxton
In a small group setting of varying
abilities are coached on phrasing,
style, technique, stage, presence and
confidence. They will learn how to
choose appropriate music and keys with
emphasis on lyrics as well as how to make
a song of their own. Public performance
at end of term.
Limit 6
10 weeks, Mondays, 6:30–8:00 pm,
starts Sep 23 & Feb 24 $325

 Guitar & Ukulele Clubs

with BMS guitar faculty
Learn to play the guitar or ukulele in friendly group lessons. Classes are paired up based on level of ability, age, and availability. Minimum 4. 10 weeks. Guitars and ukuleles are available to rent.
Young beginners (age 6–12) 45-min sessions
Teen beginners (age 13–18) 45-min sessions
Adult beginners (18+) 60-min sessions

 Introduction to Suzuki.

Designed for those considering a Suzuki instrumental program, ages 4-7. Parent attends all classes. Runs every Saturday starting September 14 for 14 weeks, 9 am to 9:45 a.m  Winter term starts January 25. $155.

Music for Youngsters
For ages 1.5–3.5

These programs increase awareness of rhythm and ability to sing and move creatively to music. Students learn to sing in a group and independently, are introduced to a variety of rhythm instruments, and develop large and small motor skills through dance and movement exercises.  Runs every Saturday for 14 weeks, 10 am to 10:40 am. September 14 (winter term starts January 25)
Parent attends all classes.
14 weeks; $120